Updated: Sep 23, 2018

We have all heard our grandparents tell us the story of how they met at a local dance it sou all very civilised and very romantic. He watched me from across the room and then he asked me politely if I would like to dance, so we waltzed all night long. Somehow between now and then men have reverted back to caveman times and think that bashing on their chests and dragging a woman towards them is the way to get our attention. Let me tell you it’s NOT. Times have changed, I get it and there is no waltzing to Akon’s Smack that . Whatever happened to asking a girl to dance with you, Instead of doing as one friend puts it the sneak attack. We as women have all been sneak attacked at some point or another. It always happens just as you start to let your guard down and turn your back next thing you know you have someone gyrating into your back and the arms come round through your arms just as if you were playing that game as kids and then comes the vodka red bull breath on your neck. Why do they always look so offended when you push them away?

How did they honestly think this would play out? Imagine if you took away the alcohol and the loud music and men were just walking around trying their luck by grabbing women and pushing their junk on their leg hoping one will be desperate enough to somehow be impressed. That’s when the police would be called because that’s harassment so why is it tolerated and even accepted as soon as you step on a dance floor? I love going out dancing. I don’t love being touched inappropriately!

So why do I have to accept that its part of the package? (pardon the pun) You might be thinking if I don’t like it why do I still go out? Some people like to go for a massage at the end of the week to wind down, I like to go out with friends and listen to music and dance the night away – plus its great cardio! So why shouldn’t I be able to partake in something I enjoy without being harassed?! There is nothing magic about Mike half cut trying to grab at you! Time for a new act guys.

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