Even I was team Badge until he pulled that stunt!

While most of us are still reeling from the very public dumping that happened last Thursday night, I couldn't help but wonder why so many women (and secretly men) felt so emotionally cheated.

The online responses were so strong that even Honey Badger knew he had to get himself out of the country before the backlash hit.

So why is it that women including myself were so fired up? Was it because Brittany seemed so nice and Sophie and him would've been adorable to follow on Instagram?

Those are factors, but after I started to chat to a few angry girlfriends about it I realised most of us had been Honey Badgered.

We may not have been in full hair and make up with a camera crew and most of Australia watching while it happened but most of us have been there.

Maybe I still don't have you convinced you may not recall Osher jumping out of the bushes or Lisa Wilkinson lending a sympathetic ear but does this sound familiar ....

You meet a guy and from the get go you have been told he is DTR ... Down To Relationship - either from himself, "Im just looking to meet a nice girl and settle down" or from the people who set you up, "he is so ready", So you go on a few dates and he tells you all the things you are looking for so naturally you reciprocate because finally a man who knows what he wants and is ready to commit and you are done with games and so is he apparently.

It all sounds great and you are not going full Cass but you're definitely at Brooke pace, where the chemistry is undeniable and FINALLY amongst the boys is a man who gets it.

You finally let yourself get a little excited and even though it has only been a few dates by the way he is talking you tell your besties about him they get excited for you to.

Then all of a sudden the pressure gets too much for old mate and you realise Honey Badger has relationship honey dicked you, and he either ghosts you with no explanation because feeling emotionally stable is so nineties OR he gives you some bullshit excuse about how it's not you it's him and he isn't ready.

EXCUSE ME MATE but according to your wishes this is what you wanted SO IMMA SAY IT IS ME.

While the argument is strong and believe me I have had it on Twitter that he shouldn't have gone on a dating show if he wasn't ready the truth is he probably thought he was but thats the thing with Honey Badgers as Wikipedia states: It is primarily a carnivorous species and has few natural predators because of its thick skin and ferocious defensive abilities.

So I guess sometimes you just have to release it back into the wild and get yourself a rabies shot just to be safe.

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