What we can all learn from Jane Goodall.

Jane Goodall is a fascinating woman with an amazing story. If you have never heard of her do yourself a favour and watch Jane on Netflix or read some of her amazing books.

At 26 years of age she went to Africa solo to study Chimpanzees, before this little was known or even documented on the chimpanzee. She absolutely immersed herself into her study. Her days consisted of searching the African jungle for the creatures and then sitting for hours on end observing and documenting their habits.

I couldn't help but feel inspired by Jane and her dedication to her work and I think there was a huge takeaway from it which I personally would like to implement into my life more.

No, I wont be packing it all in to have a Meryl Streep Out Of Africa experience. I was more inspired by Jane's patience and her art of observation. During the documentary it often showed footage of Jane sitting and watching the chimps very intently.

In this technological age I feel we have lost the art of observation very rarely do we sit still with our thoughts and observe our surroundings, and whist the Food Court at your local shopping centre isn't the African jungle it still gives us a sense of the world around us.

We have become accustom to viewing the world around us via a screen we carry around in our pockets. In fact we have even lost the attention span to sit and watch one screen at a time. I know that kind of technology didn't exist when Jane was conducting this study but her body of work which was all done on a pen and paper holds up even with all the technological advances to this day.

How many times has someone had to repeat a comment to you because you checked your phone during a conversation? In Honolulu they have even had to implement a rule making it illegal for pedestrians to view an electronic device when they cross the road, because people were literally losing their lives its crazy that advances in technology can take us so backward!

Back to Jane, while we might not need to sit for hours on end documenting primates to make the world a better place, we could start by observing the world around us to make our lives easier its amazing what you could see when you actually look around and take in your surroundings and you might be surprised by what you actually see the world doesn't always need a filter on it.

So maybe next time you are out and about don't reach for your phone in a moment of boredom allow yourself to sit and observe because after all in my opinion humans are the most interesting of all primates to observe.

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