Why The Barefoot Investor isn't a great long term plan.

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

When I started my podcast "The Lazy Girls Guide To" it was a a completely self indulgent project.

As a self confessed "Lazy Girl" it was a fantastic way for me to pick experts brains, get free advice and more importantly cut the crap and get to the "easy" way to do things.

When I put out a podcast about Superannuation, I thought BORING no one is going to want to download and listen to this, boy was I wrong! As the downloads climbed I realised there were other "lazy girls" just like me who want to remain lazy but also want to have a go at sorting their lives out but with out all the extra effort.

So I brought back Finance guru James Mousa, who runs a finance business called Life Sumo where he teaches "finance adulting" on top of that he has run his own private businesses for 20 years and has been the managing Director of a Financial advisory firm, under the umbrella of one of the largest Accounting and advisory networks in the World and more importantly he manages to dumb down complex finance "Stuff" to talk money.

Recently we have seen a rise and trend in people wanted to reno their finances and get ahead quickly. The biggest trend we have seen with this is the explosion of the Barefoot Investor written by Scott Pape.

To date he has sold around 1.6 MILLION copies, it soon formed a huge cult following that carried a orange ING card as a sign of membership.

People are invested in the Barefoot Investor. There are Facebook groups all over the internet that are dedicated to success stories under Scott Pape's leadership.

As someone who learnt about money from an ABBA song the dumbed down quick fix guide to finances really appealed to me and I am always open to advice in this area.

Which is why I was shocked to hear James' interesting take on why The Barefoot Investor is a quick fix not a long term solution.

In the podcast he explains it in a way that even I can grasp, as to why it can be problematic in the long run and before you go cutting up those orange cards or hate tweeting at me about this hear him out.

He also manages to explain in a clear concise way about how we can get ahead in life with our finances including how he managed to retire in his his late 30's and more importantly he does it in a way that we can all easily and lazily be apart of.

Happy Listening.


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